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Summit Summary and Blogging Better

I have been inspired by my #SQLFamily and my latest PASS Data Community Summit to start being a better blogger! My goals are to participate in at least 6 #TSQLTuesday in 2023, blog at least 6 other times on non technical subjects, and 6 technical blogs.

So here's one of my non-technical blogs - All About Summit!!

#FlatAngela and I had a great time at Summit! We saw lots of old friends, made new friends, went to some traditional places, and tried a few new places too. We attended some sessions, moderated one too, taught some stuff, and learned some stuff!

Here's a video of our adventure! The Venue, Welcome Reception, #SQLKaraoke, Key Note Day 1, my session and the WIT Lunch Panel, and lots of pictures with lots of friends!

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